I recorded a jam today, just one guitar, no drums, no bass. I started with a riff from "up in the sky" by satriani on the crystal planet album, and just tried to manipulate it as long as i could. then i just tried to transition and keep playing with a sort of flow through the whole thing. some of these riffs i've practiced before, but if you asked me to play this entire thing again in the same order theres no way i could possibly do it. there are small mistakes here and there, but its just a jam. feedback always appreciated.

I leveled the track using yamaha monitor headphones. i dont think it sounds good unless its cranked up (cant hear enough detail)

Its in my profile called 'crystal planet jam'.

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wow i really really like that. the tremelo style picking parts were probobly my favorite (you would do little bursts of fast picking. dunno what to call it). quality was pretty good as well. after a while it did get a bit repetitive but none the less, i still liked it.
hey thanks dude. i know what you mean about the "tremolo picking", because its not that. i used to call em triplets but my music theory-knowledgable friend told me that aint right either. i guess i just call it "machine gunning"