So i got my les paul custom not to long ago (plays like a dream) but i freaking polished the pickups to hard, and now the gold has come off the outer parts above the high e, and below the low e string. I was looking at something called treasure gold, which was kind of a gold wipe applicator. Does anyone have an easy method to remedy this or am i just going to have to deal with it. Thanks !
deal with it. that's what you get for buying something with gold. the gold on my guitar is tarnished like hell. it's only normal wear. there are wipes and stuff like you mentioned, but it's not going to bring the gold back. once damaged, forever damaged. maybe you can replace it.
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The gold layer is really thin and you polished it away. There is no miracle way to put it back.
why were you polishing your pickups?
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leave as is. it'll make your guitar look like you've had it for a long time.
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Alright, ill just deal, its not THAT big if a deal anyway.

Oh the reason i was polishing it , was because when i took the plastic off of the pickups it left some residue that i wanted off, and i guess i got a little to polish happy.