pretty self explanatory...i just joined a band today and i jammed with our drummer for a bit...were not pros and hes not the best but hes showing great potential; anyway were a little off not working too great together playing wise so i was wondering if there was anything else we could do to help get us on the same page faster other than just practicing some simple songs together and of course practicing more often(ps...today we ran through fake it by seether for an example of simple song)....anyway your thoughts UG?
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I think if you jam a lot, you'll end up getting a feel for playing together. The first time I jam with anyone, I never feel quite right, but it improves over time. I've been playing with my band's drummer for around two and a half years, and we've gone from nothing to some pretty good chemistry.

Try something like this, though: play something completely random, that you've never played before. Improvise. It doesn't matter what it is, but have your drummer play along with you and just jam on it for a while. Then switch it up, with your drummer starting and you following his leads.

Also, try jamming with the lights off. That way, you're forced to really hear what everybody is doing, rather than looking at them to see where to go or what to play. You can do little games with this, too. If you've got a five-man band, say that only three people can be playing at any one time. Three people will start out, then one will drop out and another joins in, then another drops out and another joins, so on and so on. Or start on one song your band knows, jam on it for a bit, and transition smoothly to the next song.

All these will improve your chemistry if you work at them. Plus, they're fun!
chemistry comes with time, ive been playing music with the same guy for 8 years and no matter what instruments we pick up we are able to instantly start jamming a song that weve never played before. our individual styles have merged into one style when we play together