So within the past few weeks I bought and traded and got two new guitars to add to the family. The first I traded my 04 Gibson Les Paul Studio for an 07 SG Standard. It was a straight trade, so I think I got a pretty good deal on that, I did love the LP though. The second I got was a MIA Warmoth Strat. I love it. It's got a nice finish and I'm guessing JEM based inlays which are black, so that's a nice touch. I think the pickguard definitely finishes off its look. The pickups are a little noisy but I'm gonna put in some Fender MIA single coils and something else on the bridge. Pics to prove it happened!!!!

the SG

some pics of the strat

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u gotta fix that sig now oh and nice trade for the sg
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i thought this was gonna be about him getting a girl pregnant.
but sweet guitars man.
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Wow, I never really liked how strats looked until i saw that.
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I like the SG, with the exception of the witch-hat knobs. It looks a bit like mine (2006):

Why the hell do you always post your guitar's pictures?

You've done it in like 4 threads today.

Sweet guitars TS.
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If it offends you, I'm sorry. I'm usually a low-posting user, but if an SG thread comes up, I feel the need to share.

Oh, okay, I'm not offended by the way.
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Oh, okay, I'm not offended by the way.

It seems that most of the time, people are asking for pictures, so I always like to provide.

That Strat is effing sexy!
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That strat looks real nice, but isn't it missing the knobs?
I would change the pickguard to black if it were me. I hate those black pearl guards. Looks so gaudy to me.