I play lots of punk.

Misfits, Black Flag, Minor Threat
Pretty much anything that requires lots of
heavy/fast downpicking

I just need some reccomendations
on a good set of strings that will last me longer
then 3-4 songs with out 2 or more of my strings snapping on me.
If your strings only last that long either:

a) You're playing WAY too hard

b) You have points somewhere on the guitar's nut or bridge.

In the 6 or so years I've been playing, I've broken one string, and that wasn't even from playing, I overwound it.
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I find that DR's and GHS Boomers last pretty long in terms of just going bad over time, (but they're all I've tried). The GHS Boomers last at least 2 weeks for me and I play at least an hour a day. I just tried DR's for the first time about 2 weeks ago, and the same set is still holding up, but I can tell it is almost time for a change. If your strings are breaking, try a thicker gauge.
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GOOD GOD! you break strings every 3-4 songs? you must spend like $100 a week on strings....
you are struming too hard. Whenever you aren't playing, untune the strings 2 full turns. It keeps it from straining the stings and putting tension on the neck.