i'm thinking about getting this PA system with my band so the singer can actually be heard (hes using a karaoke machine right now!)

and i was wondering what else can we do with this? plug in instruments to it or mic up the amps?

and to upgrade the speakers would we need to get a new mixer or could this mixer handle higher grade speakers eventually
just remeber

dont get your singer a PA if they dont sing good
made that mistake

we thought he was good until we heard him....

just kidding....................... /=
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lol that helped umm..... a lot lol

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You wouldn't necessarily need to upgrade the mixer to handle better speakers, but if you wanted to have more mains, or more monitors on the floor you would have to upgrade to something with enough input/outputs. If you wanted to upgrade to more powerful speakers, you would need to upgrade to a power amp that dished out enough juice to make your louder speaker, well, louder.

And yes, you could mic up your instruments, or plug directly into it. I advise against direct in though, unless you have a really good amp modeler. I would also say that you need upwards of 500 watts if you wanted to mic up everything and still be able to have a good mix. That's just my personal experience.
I've got the 620 with the same speakers. Should work well for you. I actually like the speakers quite a bit. Something about 2X10 tone that I like. Working on putting a 2X10 cab on my Vj.
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