Up for sale is my Peavey Triple XXX 40 watt combo amp. The amp is in perfect working order, it sound great in the bedroom or up on a stage, as its rated at 40 watts it can suit any situation, ive been using it in my bedroom, rarely cranking it, so the tubes have plenty of life still in them. Features include Clean, Crunch and Ultra channels (clean and crunch use same eq knobs), active eq controls for ultra channel, effects loop, damping switch, electro harmonix tubes, and the stock speaker has been changed for a vintage 30. Unfortunatly the footswitch stopped working the day I got it, maybe it just has a simple wiring fault because if I press down hard on the wire it works, but im not knowledgable enough to fix it. I dont believe these amps can be bought new anymore, I only see the head on most websites. My asking price is £400 + shipping.

I'll get pics up tomorrow.
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