I have no idea where I came up with some of these riffs. Kind of a crazy, out there song, but it sounds metal enough. As you can tell from the sitar and choir, I started this song with a Nile influence in mind.

Now that that schpiel is done...

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The Riffs on this are very good and I especially like the drumming. The Choir and Sitar parts kind of remind of Nile's which might have been your intention but at least to me the Sitar solo sounds like it's out of place or like it was put there for the sake of being there. Other than that, your riffing is very good, there are some really cool riffs in that song that show some Technical Death Metal influence a la Origin, perhaps. The parts where the Choir and Sitar are used alongside the Death Metal riffs sound pretty epic, this is especially true with the intro riff. Overall, it's a pretty good song, although I would probably shorten the Sitar solo or remove or make it sound more middle-eastern. The drumming is my favorite thing about this song overall.

Crit for Crit?

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I thought it was mostly very good. The use of a sitar and choir gave it much more variety, but the sitar solo seemed kind of misplaced, and the long choir note sounded a little too long. I really liked most of the riffs and drumming, it's good that it's not just constant blastbeats. I don't really know what else to say, but oh well.
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