hey guys. my dad got me a peavey mace vt series amp. he got it for free from one of his friend. this is my first time ever using a tube amp/half stack. so i dont really know how to maintain it and stuff. also why is there 2 on switches at the back? and why is there a stand by and an on switch at front? and there's about 4 different output in the front too. haha so im even more confuse. but other then that. i have a bigger problem. so i got it playing right. sounds really good and all. but here the thing. once in a while the sound would just cut off. meaning i wont here any sound at all, but i can still see that the amp is still on cuz the red light is still lit up. so why does this happen? but once i turn it off and back on it would work again. and few mins later it would die again. but there are days where it doesnt even do that. so yeah. i dunno if you guys understand that. so please if you know what's wrong with the amp please let me know. thanks in advance.
anybody out there know how to fix this? please i really need help about this. thank you again in advance
I have virtually zero experience with the mace, and I don't know what 2 switches are on the back - picture?

The standby is so that you may warm up the tubes prior to playing (better for them) - as for the sound cutting out, I've no idea - how old are the tubes? Have you checked your cables?

Also, are you sure there are 'output' jacks on the front? (pictures again)

edit: are the jacks on the front an effects loop? Or footswitch jacks?
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sorry i dont have picture of the back. but its a 3way switch. with the middle being off. and the left and right are both on.

as for the tubes. i dunno how old they are. all i know is that the amp it self looks old. but i dont know when was the last time they replaced the tubes. is there a way to find out if the tubes are still good? i think there's like 6 of them at the back so yeah. and the tube glow when theyre on, kinda dim. is it suppose to be like that? and yeah my cables are still good

and i meant to say input not output sorry. here a pick of the front ( note that this is not the same one i have. i couldnt find a picture of the one i have. this is the combo one, but the layout of the front is the same though)

i dont realky know anything about effect loop and footswith jacks. sorry.