Is it going to be worth it for me to get a dobro? Will it work to use it in place of a regular acoustic, or am I far better off to just spring for an acoustic?

I generally play classic/modern rock (think White Stripes style, not Fallout boy), blues, and a little bit of Paul Gilbert style stuff - but this isn't really for that.

Budget tops out around $750 after all is said and done.
If you're planning on playing it like a regular acoustic, you'll want to get a roundneck, for sure. You'll get accustomed to the weight. If I were you, I'd shop around as much as you can. I only have experience with the Dobro Hound Dog (owned by Gibson, I believe). It was a good guitar. Nothing particularly amazing, so I sold it. Decent for the cash, basically. I'd only recommend it if you were on a tight budget.
Sincerely, Chad.
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