I've got a MIA Strat and its tone is great, but I'm tempted to swap out the stock pickups for a set of Fender Custom Shop 69s.

However, If I swap them, I'm afraid I'll limit the tonal possibilities of my guitar i.e. hard rock won't sound as good, plus I'm not even sure if the improvement on the clean tone will be worth the extra moolah.

I just don't want the 69s to restrict me to playing Hendrix covers, because that's potentially the only tone they'll be able to nail!

What say ye?
If you want to go with different singles I'd look to spend a bit more money and get something boutique. I found MIA strat pups to sound pretty good. I prefer a hotter single coil than most of those have, but they still sound good.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Personally, I think Fender CS pickups aren't that great, for the price.

I woul;d take a look at a custom set from RockMonkeyGuitars.com. He makes amazing pickups, totally vintage correct, exactly to your specs. Plus, there's a 10% discount for UGers.

And btw, just because something is advertised as vintage, doesn't mean it can only do vintage tones. I use my custom RMG pickups for blues, blues rock, alternative, and hard rock.
Other examples: Lamb of God use vintage output Seymour Duncan SH-1 '59's. The Cure uses vintage output '59's. Brand New, an alternative indie rock band, use Fender Jazzmasters for their music.
i would suggest fender scn's. extremely wide tone range and NO HUM. i have em in my american deluxe strat and they are sweeeeeeeeet.
For noiseless pups I'll take my neovins or the fender noiseless any day. There's just something about the fenders that doesn't sound right, like they're dull or something. The neovins are just mini humbuckers made to sound like single coils (which they do well). I have the overwound set and they're hot enough to do metal with my f-30. They do blues well too, I have a clip where I tested my fuzz, it's the neck pup on my clean channel with varying amounts of fuzz.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not