Okay...I wrote this one specifically for my band, Silent Symphony, which is something I've never done before. Usually, I write for me. Stylistically, it sounds like Sonata Arctica without the awesomeness and the amazing keyboard. This is, by the standards of my songwriting, almost a happy song. 0_o

It's roughly based of Troy. Kinda.

These City Walls

Look around
If you trust me we'll make it
Falling down,
By now you should know all glory is fleeting
Carry on
Even though your strength is fading away
You know all that I will say

Stay with me, we can help each other
You and I, we may yet survive

From atop these city walls
I stay awhile and weep
Please hide your eyes my love,
Pray your innocence keep

Dry your eyes
Hold on for your life
Sun is rising
But the day is delayed by strife
Carry on,
If you can see the end
Can you heazr me when I say

Stay beside me, I am with you
Together, you and I, we may yet survive


Bridge (Soft)

Peace, be still
Rest your eyes and drift away


The Wheel of Time turns. What was may be again, and what is may yet pass...