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I don't
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Voters: 99.
I feel like I'm the only one who grew up not using a pick
I try to use a pick but I end up throwing it aside and just use my fingers. Is there anyone else that is like me, confused and alone?

Fear the LIME

Mark Knophler
Lindsey Buckingham

They don't use picks to my knowledge.

I do though, unless I can't find one then I'll just use the fingers.
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I use both. Depends on what sound I'm going for.
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I voted 'I do', but recently I've been playing a lot of classical music, so picks just hinder the process. I switch it up a lot, depending on what I'm playing. But I know what you are saying, a bud of mine doesn't use a pick, and he plays crazy fast rock and stuff.

I have to say that it would be useful to be able to play with a pick, because unless you are crazy good, you just aren't going to get the sound from the guitars as it should come out. But good luck in your pick-less endeavours!
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I fingerpick most of the time... and when I sweep and stuff, I use the nail of my thumb... but does that count as using a pick?

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depends on what song I'm playing, but there's no "both" option in your poll
really depends on the song. bad poll.
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When playing clean I prefer finger picking.

With distortion though, I think it sounds better with a pick.
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really depends on the song. bad poll.

It's really just a general question. Like most of the time do or don't you use a pick.

I probably never use a pick on my Tele (i don't shred - figures...) but occasionally use picks on acoustic (rhythm).

Fear the LIME

I couldn't play without a pick for my life, I remember my guitar teacher didn't use a pick. He was a real blues/jazz guy so he liked the smoother sound of finger picking. I actually like the sort of click sound you get when you first pick a note.
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So no
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i started using a pick when i learned pinch harmonics. before that, i never used a pick, but now it makes a lot of techniques easier.
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Yeah, this discussion wont be accurate based on the ideas you have there alone.

but ahhh...you should be able to use both, if you want to get the most out of your weapon.
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I'm taking guitar in school and since it's classical guitars we can't use picks, so that's what I'm doing at home.

I do have a crappy electric guitar, and if I am using it, I use a pick, but I usually don't play it.
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Wes Montgomery just used his thumb and he's, you know, only the most prominent jazz guitarist in history.

I follow his methods. The tone you can get with thumb picking is irreplaceable.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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the first 4 years i played without a pick...only using my fingers and nails

now i use a pick..and when i drop it i go old school to relive the memories if only for a second
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Mark Knophler
Lindsey Buckingham

They don't use picks to my knowledge.

I do though, unless I can't find one then I'll just use the fingers.

i don't know about lindsey, but my guitar teacher met mark knophler and was telling me he uses both fingers and picks at the same time. like he'll play one note of a chord with the pick and arpeggiate(sp) the rest of the chord with his fingers
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How can you shred or sweep without a pick? I'd like to see that

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Yeah I strictly use my fingers all the time.
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