Two part thread, one doesn't relate to this category but I'm saving myself some time here. First part: I can play 16th notes. About as fast as Disturbed, but I want to push myself to something a bit more difficult. I've listened to Bullet For My Valentine, and I tried Waking The Demon. But a bit ways after the intro, my hand got cramped. So what's a good, kickass, Drop C, metal song? One inbetween Disturbed, and BFMV.

Second part: Drop C with heavy strings? Pros and cons?
My advice for the song part of the question is stick with "Waking The Demon". Use a program (either Guitar Pro, Powertab or even Transcribe) to slow it down and build the strength you need.
Tuning wise, I now use Roto Reds (11 gauge) from Roto Pinks (9 gauge), the pro i found was the strings took to Drop C much easier. The remote con i can think of it that it took some getting used to the different feel whilst in standard. Other than that, sound as the proverbial pound.
the heavier the string, the better it will sound in drop C. and it will be less floppy
try some killswitch engage or in dying days by as blood runs black
you can also try 94 hours by as i lay dying
uh try turn to despair-bfmv
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Yeah for sure Dethklok's got some good solos. "Fansong" has a fun canon solo and they have plenty of good selections.
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Heaven Shall Burn - The Weapon They Fear

+1 to this and dethklok
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just keep trying to make yourself faster, the cramp is either tendon pain or muscle pain.
Tendon pain is bad, if you feel it, stop playing and do some stretches. If it is muscle pain, just slow down, wait till the pain goes away and then try until you have no more pain, muscle pain only occurs if the muscle is not used to do that speed.

For a mediano tempo like disturbed tempos, try out some Iron Maiden songs, those are good for 16th note picking at andante-allegro tempos. Also try some Lamb of God, or Black Label Society Songs.

Drop C works good with 10-52 and 11-52 or 11-54 gauge strings, the lower notes need a larger gauge to keep string tension consistant.