So I wanna "trick out" my guitar by modding it, and was wondering if you guys have any ideas. I have already removed my tone pot, added a killswitch, and added a clean/overdriven switch. And of course I've changed pickups. What are some other cool things to do?
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floyd rose trem maybee id get the zr tremelo system from ibanez tho
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add an eric clapton active mid boost control.
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glow in the dark inlays!
get knobs with lasers. or neon lights in them. haha/
buy yourself a booster. a knob or a switch and install it in the guitar.
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on youtube there's a guy with fretboard lights inlays. they only light up when you fret a note at that position. it's pretty cool
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key ignition. SPST switch for that.
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soda machine, money box, have a small treadmill and then get mice to run in it so you can have your pick ups powered by mice!!!!
what guitar do you have?
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not necessarily something "cool" in appearance but will overall give you a greater sound coming from your guitar.
1 meg volume pots and replace pretty much all stock electronics to american made parts ( stock are generally low quality and ruins your signal even before it gets to the cable going to your amp.)
Re solder the guitar's output jack, stock jobs are ok... you'll get a way better signal redoing it properly, re solder the ground wire on your bridge ( grind off some metal for a better contact ) a better ground will give you a cleaner and clearer attack and less noise, then apply a generous amount of solder to stick the sucker back to it's place.
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Has anyone mentioned any paint jobs yet? That's not really too hard.
switch out the binding for neon lights. and light it on fire. and install a smoke bomb place in it, like Ace Frehley did.
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paint that shit like what i did to my guitar(didnt get around to wiring mine yet)

Mount a mini amp into it, wire up a switch so that you can switch it between amp and jack!

I've Always wanted to do that.
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Make it neckless
You make a talk a large metal rod and put thick fret wire on it
You also have to have the tuning pegs at the bottom of the body but it's awsome
Put a sustainer pickup in it, an octave down switch, and a coil split.
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key ignition. SPST switch for that.

haha i love it!
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