Alrighty Ultimate-Guitar, I need your help.

So, my band is going to play at our school's function (Battle of the Bands), and I've heard from several teachers and classmates that whoever's playing on stage can't hear what the hell they sound like because the acoustics are so bad.
My solution is to hook up a pair of wireless headphones to my amp so that I can hear what I sound like. Now the problem is that this is a really low key concert. The P.A. system's not that great, and instead of having direct wire inputs, they're just going to "mic" our amps. However, when I plug a pair of `phones into my amp, it cuts off the speaker so that the signal comes ONLY through my headphones.

My question is: Is there an adapter short of a soundboard that I can get that will somehow split the signal without running my 1/4 jack through an adapter that would convert it to 3/5mm?

And yes, I searched. Google, and UG

Thanks in advance for the responses.
You can get a small mixer and mic your amp as well with a SM57. This would be more to get great sound for yourself and to hear your amp over everything else.
Mic your amp plugging headphones into an FX send. Then send the main outs to the main sound board. This will allow you to mix to your taste at any time but it should not effect the sound that the house gets.
Have them send a return back from the board to you so you can monitor with it. Either buy a speaker to put on stage or get some IEMs and run with those. Most sound setups should be capable of doing this. I know my high school did a similar setup with 4 monitors on stage for all of the band shows.

Also hope that the sound guy knows how to properly mic an amp to get the most out of the sound. If he just sticks a SM57 at the amp speaker it can still sound like crap and you wont know if you cant hear what's going into their board.
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what amp do you have?

maybe you could get an extension cab and forget the PA. Maybe use the second cab as a monitor. I would rather do that then have to worry about this headphone business. Plugging a headphone into FX send? Never heard of that but the UGr above me obviously knows something.

i guess headphones should tell me you have a SS amp?