I play blues,classic rock, hard rock, and metal. I already know that I'll probably need and OD/Distortion pedal for heavier music but was wondering if anyone can tell me the tonal differences between these two amps from firsthand experience?
My brother has a Blue. It sounds pretty nice and can do early Metallica and Megadeth levels of distortion (although, that's about the limit...). You could probably get Slayer or Converge levels of distortion with an OD or an EQ in front of it.
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Well, the YCV50 Blue is EL-34 based and is supposed to be great for Marshall-esque tones, so it would probably be good for blues and classic rock.

I own a YCS-50 and it's very versatile. It comes stock with 6L6's but can take EL-34's and even KT-66's, though I've never tried them. It has a nice fenderish clean and the overdrive ranges from a plexi-like crunch to hot-rodded Marshall crunch (think Soldano) to quite a heavy distortion, (not death metal heavy) but I can play Metallica, Chevelle, Tool, Incubus and similar bands without a boost (considering I don't own one). I'm sure with a tubescreamer or clean boost it can growl even more. I bought it for it's versatility and it hasn't disappointed with it's range of tones. You really can't make it sound bad, like with most other amps. I've quite happy with it for the price. I'll get several specialized higher priced amps, but for now I can focus on getting another guitar.
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thanks that really helped...i'm trying to find a good amp to settle down with for now while i get another guitar too
YCV50, i got mine, its amazing. period.

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Just a note about the KT66's in the YCS amps... I've been looking into this and have heard from a couple of people including someone who works for Yorkville Sound that most KT66 tubes will not fit properly unless you can find a certain brand of KT66, don't recall which one... but KT77's 5881's/6L6l's,EL34's should all be fine. Personally I find the amp to be great with 5881's but am thinking of trying KT77's sometime. I think both the YCV and YCS are great amps and not just for the money. I purchased the YCS50 because of the added versatility and features. check the Traynor website for more info.