I wrote this over the past week or so, on and off

I was also looking around at the other stuff thats up here and this sounds nothing like what i was listening to, so here it is the main course :P
it was a pretty nice song to listen to. I don't think it's by any means "different" but I suppose it's quite a turn from all the metal we get around here.

acoustics sounded great. solos were cool. could be better, but they were to the point and that's what matters. I felt like the song lost a lot of momentum at the chorus. I think you could add in some more sound at that point. for example, keep the acoustics in or add a lead part.

some of the time changes sounded too abrupt. outro was really cool. I like how you brought everything together at the end.

good work

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I like it. Good intro, good solos, good chorus (i could imagine something very power metal going on in the vocals there), great outro.

I think it ended a bit to abruptly and that you should have kept the ourt going a little longer. I also didnt really like the tempo change. The breakdown wasn't really a breakdown.

A good effort and a well composed peice. I like it.

Kinda reminds me of Metallicas new single actually.

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