Hey, wondering if anyone is interested in my custom Dean guitar, its a great guitar with good tonewoods and thick tone, but the active livewires are just not my style. I really am prefering passive pickups now.

I would like to trade for a Gibson Les Paul, maybe a BFG or a studio. Or offer me some price.
Would it not be easier to simply change the pickups?
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Well the thing is, the guitar is just really not my style as much as i thought it was at first. Like with the scale length and the floyd, the xj frets are ok but i like medium better.

And i don't really feel like keep changing the pickups, the livewires are good but just not my style, and it doesn't sound as musical as my g400 does.
Would you be able to list the specifications of the guitar? Body wood? Neck wood? How long have you had the guitar? When was it made? Is it in good condition? What bridge is it? Original Floyd? etc etc..
For those who care.
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I'm not completely sure about the specs, but it is supposed to be the guitar that started the Dean custom 450 series.

So i think the specs are:
Mahogany Body
Maybe mahogany neck i'm not sure
Ebony Fretboard
XJ Frets
24 Frets
Licensed FloydRose
Seymour Duncan Livewires
Gold hardware