Time for some constructive critiscism.
1) Forget what the other kids just said they obviously have small minds (get what I did there, oh lol).
2) I liked your tone, quite punchy without too much gain/treble. Also I could hear the bass without it being too overwhelming and I liked the fact it didn't just play root notes.
3) I also liked your recording quality, you could hear your singer quite well for the best part of your songs, perhaps turn him up a bit in some (Whiskey Breath).
4) I like that you didn't just restrict yourself to power/barre chords and I liked your solos/breakdowns.
5) I liked that you played acoustic as well, showed some versatlity, the voice sounded better there as well. I liked the backing voice as well. I didn't like the fact I was expecting blues and didn't find any

So in summary, I'm not a pop/punk fan but you are one of the better pop/punk bands I've listened to. I like the way you spiced somethings up and I can imagine you'd be good live. I think you could improve by having more variation as in you play mostly chords when you're singing, but then that's because you only have one guitar I suppose. Plus, tidy up the vocals but they weren't too bad at all and I think it's mainly due to poor recording quality.

Final thing, put lyrics up. I always find that helps and makes me want to listen more.

Feel free to add me and listen to more hilarious jokes such as the above.