I'm going to try bass. I figured renting one is a better idea than spending all the money to get one and then not liking it. Anyways. I need some ideas on what bass and amp to rent. Price won't really be a problem because I'm just gonna rent for a month or so. Any ideas on brands and types? I'm brand new to bass so I'm just gonna be starting with the basics, eventually getting to slap, if that matters. Same with the amp. I need brands and types. Also, do I need different cables for bass than I'd use for regular guitar?

Thanks guys... I need the help XD
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No on the cables...

For the rest check the FAQ.

On the rental. Make sure that when you rent you get the 100% towards purchase deal . Most good stores will do it this way for "rent to buy"; it means that anything you pay towards rental fees is applied to the final purchase price of the equipment.
I've never heard of renting musical equipment other than PAs and DJ equipment...which leads to the question of where will you be renting it from and what brands do they offer?