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i know that alot of people love em and alot of people hate em.
I also know that alot of people who give a crap only hang out in one section of the forum. so what i am going to do is make this thread in every genre related section of the forum and post the results in the pit so that we will all know what people think
you're doing too much work no one on here cares
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Subgenres are good, it can get a bit excessive though.
For example, if I like black metal I can ask for someone to recommend me some black metal bands, easy. If I asked can someone rec me a metal band I'll get results from Metallica to CC to cradle of filth, which is not very helpful.
When you start needing 20 words to describe a genre or style then it’s a bit stupid.
I'm in support of the experiment. Be helpful guise.
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