A cover of me going along with Stairway to heaven by led zep. I hit some wrong notes now that I have listened to it,, And I know what the notes are now. Anyways enjoy and leave a comment

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for 2 months, not bad. I can only hear you strum on the why georgia and it's pretty loud. waiting on the world is pretty much the same, I can hear you strum but not much else. I love that you love john mayer. Keep working and maybe you won't need the original tracks for backing tracks, especially on his acoustic ones. They are pretty simple for why georgia and I think if you can, record a small beat on your drums later and then just do your acoustic and singing
Yeah I can do everything it's just I am still trying to figure out how the part goes. You know where it starts off. It starts as a G and then he does something weird so make that other sound and then goes into a D. KNow what I mean?
Thanks man I figured it out before i viewed this though. But thanks a lot. Now I know that, I know the lyrics, and I am going to do a complete cover!!!