hey guys I just got a new job and a new band in the works. Because of this I've been looking into new amps and taking suggestions. I already have a 5150 for distortion but it lacks a clean channel for the tone I'm going for with this band.

I'm going for a post hardcore/hardcore ambience type of sound. For example saosin, underoath, as cities burn, circa survive, secret and whisper ( I absolutely live thier clean tone). So the amp must have a good clean but a nice distortion channel as well. I'm either going to be running it through a boss gt8 or multiple pedals.

What kind of heads do you guys suggest? I'm looking into the orange thunderverb and line 6 bogner amp. I have yet to try the orange though. Btw no Marshall jcm 2000s I had one and hated it. I'll be playing it through my ltd eclipse. Thanks for any help!
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my laney has a sweet clean on it, and a great distorsion in my opinion too

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1000-1500 for the budget. I'm a big fan of high gain heads so something from
Medium gain to brutal would be good. The bands I've listed have the kind of of tone I'm going for.
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I'm updatin the cab as well. I most def want a 2x12 because I hate hauling a 4x12 around. The cab I have right now is a crappy crate.
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are you planning on keeping the 5150? cause if you are then id pick up a fender something or other for cleans. if not, then i dunno, mesa stiletto ace used? i saw one near me recently that was in your range. the combo is only around $1600 new, so i would think a used one would be in your budget. i found its got nice cleans and i really liked the gain on it. then again i dont play much high gain stuff, so im not really up on amps for that kinda style.
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I'm going to listen to some Circa Survive in the car today, I'll be back with some recs.

Underoath uses JCM800's, if I'm not mistaken. They've got some kind of pedal backing it up, though.

I would imagine they do, 800's aren't really known for their cleans.
I'd rather not be carrying two amps. So all in one would be great. Thank you so much guys I re it.
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I haven't seen any jsxs I'll give them a try. any other suggestions before I head to town to test them out? Btw thanks again.
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the Line 6 spider Valve is a BRUTAL amp.... that thing has more gain the you`ll ever know what to do with, the low end is crazy too.... and thats outta a shitty Line 6 spider 4X12 cab. don`t know what the cleans are like though. i never tryed the cleans. and it is ever LOUD!!!!. but remember it`s still a modeling amp. but a very good one. although i think it focuses too much on the low end and gain. but deff, try it out.
I believe one of the guitarist for Circa Survive uses a Bad Cat amp...
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underoath uses marshall plexi's and orange amps with a jcm800 for the more hardcore stuff.
I use the plexi and have had the orange, the plexi is the amp for gettin a great effects driven sound as well as some amazing drive sounds. Eff the 5150 sound, too much gain means you dont standout in the mix. Circa Survive used marshall jcm2000's and a soldano slo100 until recently when they became endorsed by a company called somatone.

To be honest all amps have similar potential in tone, its really the guitar and player that matters.

u want a circa survive tone? play a tele u want underoath? les pauls and sg's style of guitars.

with all that said, why not just establish your own tone?

Anyways i know of some great companies that make custom amps if your interested, just email me.
you could get some sort of rack setup, where you could have one preamp for distorted, one preamp for clean, and you could get a power amp. maybe its not wat your after, but its something you should consider

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