I Have a 100 watt combo amp that I will be putting new speakers into. First off I need a little direction of what speakers to get. High gain, great tone of course, Kinda going for a Zakk Wylde sound. And secondly the speakers I have now are rated at 120 watt RMS. I barely get the amp past 2 before becoming deaf. If I had a lower wattage speaker would I get more out of it? Or how should I match my speaker up with my amp?
Its a B-52 AT 100 rectifier. Its alright but it doesn't have that wow factor. And when I said more out of the speaker I wasn't talking about more volume, I meant more use out of it.
That amps high end has all the personality of a wet carrot so anything you can do to improve high end is good.

To get the volume down I'd suggest removing 2 of the tubes (the ones on the far ends) and get yourself a 100 watt 16 ohm resistor and solder it in parallel with a 16 ohm speaker and then set the output impedance of the amp to 4 ohms. If you can find a 100 watt resistor then get 2 50 watt 32ohm resistors and solder them in parallel. This will cut the wattage of your amp and give you better high end dramatically improving your overall tone.

When you do this keep in mind that when you remove 2 of the tubes you have to have a speaker that is double the output impedance of the amp otherwise you can blow tubes or your transformer. Also remember that running a resistor in parallel with the speaker cuts the resistance in half. So if you use a 16 ohm speaker and a 16 ohm resistor your final ohm's rating will be 8 which is why, if you remove 2 tubes, then your output need to be set at 4.
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