I have a Schecter C-1 Arist Limited Edition. I wanna trade it for a ESP LTD VIPER-400.What do you guys thinks? Do it or not?

I play heavy metal riffs and shreds....

Based strictly on list prices - it's a good deal, but what don't you like about the schecter? Vipers just aren't my thing, personally uncomfortable, but it might be perfect for you. I (again personally) don't usually go for emgs, but for strictly metal and shred, they'd be suitable.
Play the ESP alot before you do it. If it feels better in your hands then your schecter, then go for it.
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Problem is im a lefty, so I don't have the option of going to the store and trying it, I wish I did though...

That's why I gotta depend on others words, dont really have a choice u kno