Up first I have 2 project bodies and necks
Black Squire Affinity series body-50 shipped
Squire Affinity series neck-50 shipped
Bently project body with loaded pickguard-50 shipped
Bently neck-40 shipped

Next I have some random stuff lying around I dont use
3 MIM stock strat pickups-30 shipped
2 5 way switches-5 shipped each
Squier affinity bridge-20 shipped
Bently bridge-20 shipped
Input jack-buy something and you can have it for free if u want it
1 volume 2 tone pot from affinity squire-10 shipped

If you want to help me get rid of this stuff quickly heres what Ill do
Squire Affinity complete with body, pickguard, neck,bridge,pots,switch,input jack, and ill add in the mim stock pickups which are a step up from the normal squire pickups all for 125 shipped.

All prices are negotiable, just make an offer and idk what youd possibly trade but ill consider trades for anything of use.
Bump....I need a boss ds-1 and a wah so ill trade anything here for either so pm me if you have either.