whats up everybody

i've been playing guitar for about 2 years and own a fairly new fender strat...i just recently got into playing heavier stuff, metal-hardcore etc, and am looking to buy a new guitar that can handle this style of music better than my strat.

i really like playing ESP / LTD guitars and am considering buying one (EC-1000, or V-500), but also considered building a custom guitar probably from Warmoth, as i could get some options here that i couldnt with the LTD (floyd, single coil in the middle position, alexi style V with multiple pickups) and i'm willing to spend up to around $1000 either way--
here's the question: would a custom guitar from warmoth sound and play comparably to a guitar in a similar price range from ESP (either if i assembled it myself or paid someone to do it)?

feedback would be greatly appreciated.
What amp you using?
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For 1000$ you arent going to have much of a custom guitar. I think if you want to shop at warmoths and assamble yourself a sweet guitar, you'll need around 1300-1500
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and ok...even if i spend 1500 hows it gonna compare sound and playability wise
i would say the ESP/LTD they are the best bang for your buck guitars out there, with $1000 you could get a phenominal guitar from them
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I'd say buy a reasonably priced guitar, then do the customizing yourself (like pick-ups, finish, inlays, etc.)

That's what I'm doing.
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it's not a solid state, it's a tube. it's not total crap right?

anyway a decent guitar with active pickups will sound good for heavy metal. i recommend LTD (not ESP ffs, they're 2 separate brands) or Jackson
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My bad, i missread. I was barfing by reading Line6 spider, and couldnt keep on reading so i missed the 'valve' thingy.
That amp indeed is not bad, but still, modelling isnt all that to me neither.