Ive just been given a whole lot of random classic rock by my uncle...
and ive always been in to classic rock like zeppelin, queen, etc...

but among these bands was 1 called 'tamam shud'...

i was wondering...has anyone else on UG heard of these guys? Better yet, do you like them?

theyre an Australian Psychedelic/free jazz/acid rock group...

my uncle used 2 be a roadie for them lol!

(btw, 4 any1 interested...'tamam shud' is a persian phrase meaning 'the very end')

they were easily 1 of australias most innovative bands (though the never really went INTERnational...), and live, they would often use improvised instrumental sections....

so yeah....any1 heard of these guys?
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If there's improvised instrumental sections, I'm down for them. I'll try and find a bootleg or two.

if you find a bootleg post the link i would lke to hear some psychadelic aussie stuff see what its like
Don't know them, but just looked them up on RYM and the reviews make them sound like they're worth checking out.
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