Ok, right now I have the Roland Cube 15x and I was looking at some tube amps and found a decent one, at least I think it is. (I was looking online can't go into shop to try out) I found a Crate V18 112 for $150 and a V 18 212 for $200.

Now would either of those really make that much of a difference over my cube or would it really not matter to much.

Any helps would be appreciated!

(I did some research on it on Youtube, found a couple vids, and it sounds good, but of course can't judge to well really.)

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I've not tried the 'V' series but $150 (£90) for a valve amp sounds like a good deal to me. The V18-112 is about $400 in the UK !!!!

I'm not sure if these amps are good for metal, but overall time would be an improvement over a cube...
It'll do a classic tone better loud, but the Cube will be better for versitility at lower volumes
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That sale is about over. MF raised the V33 back up to over $400, they are still available at some sites for the sale price tho. I have played the V series a bunch. IMO they are good amps, especially for the price. But not metal amps. You can overdrive them into that territory for a passable tone. They don't have the onboard effects that the cube has - if you even use them.