hey fellow UGer's i want to know everything you can tel me about the fender starcaster. i dont mean those really cheap crappy ones that u can get for 120$. i mean the original fender starcaster, the hollow-humbucker guitar. i want to know about these beacuse i would love to save up and buy one, i do know they are rare. but if anyone can give me a price range and if they were good guitars i would appreciate it thanks =)
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Jonny Greenwood and the guy from The Killers play them. They were Fenders attempt to knock Gibson's sales of the ES 335 but it never sold very well. Basically, it was just a semi hollow with the original Wide Range humbuckers in.

I've seen them on eBay for about £2000 a guitar. You might be able to find some cheaper ones, i dunno.
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probably get one for around $2000. if you live anywhere near a large city, call every music shop and pawn shop in the city and your likely to find one. otherwise, avoid ebay because vintage guitars go for waaayy more than their usually really worth.