Basically, I'd like some advice on what mobile phone(s) i should consider.

My current phone is a Panasonic VS2, which has lasted me well (even though I lost the battery cover about a year and a half ago), but the screen's gone to shit.
So I don't particularly want a flip phone, and I don't know how reliable these slider phones are.

My Budget is about $AU400. Maybe a bit more.

I mainly need good recording time, (more than the max 3mins audio and 59sec video of the VS2), both audio and video since I use that a lot. As a musician, as most of you know, you get a lot of good ideas and melodies when you don't even have an instrument in your hand and you're just walking to the shops!

The camera doesn't have to be some amazing thing, but i'd like to be able to make out what's in the picture.

A good calender system would be great.

Games are not a must.


Basically, I used to be in the know with phones, when I was like 11. 8 Years later, I don't even know what blue teeth are (joking, but you get the picture)...

I was looking at the N series Nokias, but yeah, no idea..


P.S. I want to buy it outright.

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