Shred one written for school composition task. Others just for fun.

I dont really like the way the thrash one ends . Oh and dont worry about the 8/4 bar at the end, just pretend its 2 4/4 measures.

I'm pretty happy with all of them but please tell me what you think.

EDIT: About the "prog" one; I wrote a phrase and it turned out to be in 15/16 then when i finished it off it fit with a 17/16 bar. I only realised later that it could be all in 4/4 but i didn't bother changing it back into 4/4.
Thrashshred - Copy.zip
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thanks for the crit!
Well I can tell your songs are classically based (as opposed to blues), they're all pretty good.

Thrashshred: not my favourite, cool arpeggios but it's kind of boring (not much variation) but the acoustic part was a nice change of pace. Nice solos as well. 7/10

Thrash: Great stuff, nice juicy riffs! The beginning is good but it really picks up with the solo and after. Nice touch with the octaves. The ending isn't too bad, you could have only done either an epic long ending or an abrupt/sudden one and I think the latter suits the song better. 9/10

Thrashprog: Sick intro riff, interesting use of different time sigs, it's got a really middle-eastern feel to it (isn't most of the song based on Phrygian dominant ?). Some riffs get a bit repetitive, nice shreddy solo. 8/10

Is it only me that finds the bass a bit too loud?
Overall great stuff
Thrash: Pretty good. The beginning takes a little while to get into a groove, but there was some quality riffing once the song got into gear. And the solo was pretty good too.

Shred: Not so good. It had some catchy parts, but otherwise, nothing great. I got really bored of your running up and down basically the same scale, and the whole song was pretty much triplet 8ths. And your arpeggios were the same as in thrash. Try different arpeggios, like 7th (major and minor), diminished, etc. Also, look into Marty Friedman type of runs. Instead of constant 8th note triplets, do a pattern, like two quintuplets, one septuplet, one sextuplet, or something like that. It would make it much more interesting. And, get out of that scale. Use off notes every so often, string skipping (see: Shawn Lane)...

Prog: This was really good. I liked the middle eastern vibe, and the intro riff is killer. The use of odd time sigs was also great. It got slightly repetitive though, so maybe cut down some repeats or something.
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In the prog one you had a riff where it was one bar of 15/16 and then one bar of 17/16. That's the same as two bars of 4/4 dude. 15+17=32. You don't have to change time signatures just to make it "look" proggy
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Sounds a little too bland for my taste, Especially the second one
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In the prog one you had a riff where it was one bar of 15/16 and then one bar of 17/16. That's the same as two bars of 4/4 dude. 15+17=32. You don't have to change time signatures just to make it "look" proggy

I meant to mention in the first post that i did that by mistake. I wrote a phrase and it turned out to be in 15/16 then when i finished it off it fit with a 17/16 bar. I only realised later that it could be all in 4/4 but i didn't bother changing it.

Thanks for the crits guy. I agree i have to get away from Em/Ebm.

i hear folky influences to the chord progression in the first section... are you finnish???
nice use of triplets over straight in the acoustic section, i like that.

when the distortion comes back, i felt that there should be a phrase or melody that links back to the first section. not very long, just like a lead riff or melody that is memorable. thats all it needs, and its damn impressive as it is...

nice one+ ta for the crit =)
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Hey man, thanks for the crit on mine! I ought to mention the "Egyptian verse" thing is really just my way of remembering it, I thought the progression sounded kind of egyptian, haha!

Anyway, onto business. Just listened to the prog one, and there's some interesting sounds you have going on there. I'm really liking the very last bar of your intro, it's ridiculously heavy, and I love both the crazy riffs that come after it, they remind me of Between the Buried and Me in some ways, which is always good!

Also, the part that starts at bar 57 sounds really great with the drum fills, and that cool eastern feel you have. The solo's really good, and the bends you throw in there really spice it up, which is always very nice to hear.

My only criticisms would be that the intro sounds kind of odd with just the guitar and bass - it might have benefited from some backing just to fill that bit out, and the part at bar 69 sounds a little less... interesting than the rest of the song, especially the simple downwards progressions in the last two bars, but perhaps that's just a matter of taste.

So... now onto the Thrash one. As a whole I can't say I enjoyed it as much as the prog one, but I did still enjoy the second half of the song. I think my main gripe with this is just that the bass sounded too loud, by a long way, and I could understand if it was playing something really funky, but in this context it sounded strange. It sounds a little bit out at bars 99 and 103 too, I'd say take a look at that. I also thought some of the riffs at the start were slightly generic and repeated too many times without any variation at all.

However, I do like the riff that comes in at bar 25 with the third doublestops, and the bit after that - the fills at the end each 8 bar measure really make it sound killer. The solo is great again, the arpeggios add an interesting flavour to the first half of it, with those bends again towards the end. I also really like the way you end it almost unexpectedly.

The riff at 105 and 113 also sounds pretty cool, although I would say just play it through once each time you use it, rather than using the repeats.

As a whole it's still a decent song, although I still don't understand why there's only one guitar track for most of the song!

Okay, the shred one now! There's a little niggle on the harmony in the second bar - nothing much, but first impressions are important! Love the drums in that bit though, the double pedalling sounds pretty cool used that way.

I'm not sure all those arpeggios are in key, but the runs sound pretty cool, and I agree with Jake, I can hear some folky influences there too, which is pretty ace as I love that kind of stuff.

The acoustic section is pretty awesome too, I like the feel you have going on there, in my opinion this bit surpasses everything in the other songs. I personally like the way the distortion comes back in gradually, and the solo that follows directly after the acoustic section, with what I assume is tapping at the end? The riff under that and after that is killer too, so heavy!

Wow that's turned out as being quite long! Well, hopefully it'll be useful! Keep on writing, you have some good stuff here!
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och I just did a huge review but lost it all to some invalid link crap.
I'll try again, but it won't be as complicated.
Prog: First riff is quite good, good when the guitar comes in then theres some fills ( here I might suggest some pinch harmonics would make it more interesting). Drums could be better when the whole bands in, more imaginitive bass drum part would sound more interesting.
Don't really like the riff around 25, the cymbals are a bit over the top, but the 17/16 ending bits (even if it is the bit that doesn't matter) sounded good.
Riff about 33 is good, it's good how you do the guitar on its own parts.
Then it repeats, which sounds good.
from 57 to 66 is a series of awesome riffs, then the old riff comes in well for a couple of bars. The next bit, the octaves down sounds good, but I'd suggest, when its the power chords down rather than the octaves, it could possibly sound better if you use a harmony section down in thirds using both guitars.
I like the rhythm part, but the guitar solo seems to come out of nowhere, no build up really, just playing fast so no real melody, which I think could have been done better.
The way it ends is good too.
Just kind of a summary of my old review, if it sounds harsh I'm sorry, but I enjoyed listening to that overall quite a lot.
I'm annoyed justnow so I'll try and do the rest of the songs later.

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It would've helped if you had labeled sections lol anyway, ill give you 3 possibly long critics, SO, I demand you critique another of mine I just posted after this, given theres three songs here :P



Well I do feel a slight middle eastern vibe, reminds me of The Crusade by Trivium a fair bit, which it isnt bad, because I dont care what anyone says, its a great instrumental.

I get a silly desert visual, and haha maybe some belly dancing LOL but it isnt too strong

I dont get the flair about the intro riff, its cool, but dunno.

25 - 32 - Well, I can see what you mean, sometimes I come up with similar crap where the second measure might make the whole rhythm redundant, but usually i have a fill in another time sig where it isnt so I like to keep like that for asthetic and because thats how I came up with the riffs, its a nice riff but I think you should change the fill, so it doesnt sound so repetitive

33 - 36 - nice riff, good rhythm and it flows well with what you have so far, the whole song has an overall atmosphere, which is great

57 - 66 - fricken awesome progression, I like the 16th note fills too -I call fills every ending for a riff which has a certain motif and ends in a different thing...- its a nice rhythm and melody

67 - 80 - this might be my favorite riff, -which is surprising given I' usually go for more elaborate stuff- it just really solidifies the atmosphere of the whole song and its just a nice melody, it just ties all in together IMO

SOLO - pretty nice solo, Im not good at writing these, I'm still stuck on an acoustic to come up with my songs, and my theory's almost non existant, the solo goes well with the song, but nothing that'll make me spaz, good technique level though

The riff you used for the outro works great, personally I liked all the other riffs better than the intro riff haha.

Though I guess it does get a bit repetitive, maybe fixed with vocals maybe not, maybe add some harmonize to guise the reptitiveness in some riffs
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INTRO - I had low expectations from this, this riff takes a bit too long to move on and well I think the intro dragged a good bit the riff is cool but its repeated too much

9 - 12 - I'm still not liking it all that much -though from listening to it all, its my favorite, cause it gets good- this riff didnt do much more me, and the drumming was a bit dull

13 - 16 - here it starts picking up, I like the riff, the rhythm and 'melody' -interplay of notes

17 - 24 - a bit funny, but good, the song has now picked from the intro

25 - 28 - okay this riff is freaking awesome I love its "groove" dunno, haha, I love the small 16th note run -2 3 0 whatever-

29 - 44 - this is my favorite riff in the song, nice rhythm and melody, and I love the fills, sadly it lacks power because its low volumed with just one guitar playing, doesnt take away from the greatness of the riff though

SOLO (45 - 60) - pretty nice solo, like it better than the other one, I like the notes and melody -progression- I like your backing riff too

SOLO 2 (60 - 72) - pretty much another good solo, as mentioned I really like the flow and melody, it fits the song well

81 - 104 - the octaves were a great idea, harmonization for repeated riffs is great

105 - 108 - this ones alright, not too fond of it, but it goes well with the song

109 - 112 - this little bit was pretty cool, I like the sudden burst of energy

OUTRO (m 117) - amazing outro haha I love the notes and the way they go

Well out of all of them this is probably my favorite, though shred isnt as bad as people made it sound IMO it had some melodies, and it was quite varied and nice
their all pretty decent, not my cup of tea but i can tell people definitely like it! the shred one has so much COB influence in it, all the solo's are so alexi

over all good job!
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the only real issue i had with this song is the solo, it would have suited a more umm rhythm based one instead of just straight out shredding, but then again im not a real fan of the lets go mental and wank the fretboard, so to each there own, love the main riffs and the bass intro was pretty mad. If you had a solo like the first solo thing in thrash shred i would have loved the song

Thrash shred:
pretty good song, nothing stands out for me in it though aside from the solo that ive mentioned already. General kinda song, would suit singing well but not something that i would have payed money for.

As for thrash, it kinda bores me, a less inspired version of the first two, if anything try and meld the good parts from the first 2 songs and youll get 1 killer tune