guyz im new here.err i just thought of the chords for a song and its accurate and nice.i wanted to share wif ppl but i had no idea how to convert it into a tab and post it.anyone can enlighten me??
i duno but i'll try and help...
if i were you i'd look in the top right hand corner of the homescreen and click on submit tab. then just write it in the box. Any help?
hey guys, i'm new here too, and i'm having the same problem. after going to the submit tabs place there is a box in blank down on the page. I think you're suppose to copy/paste the tabs template from the link above saying: "Please use these templates for your tabs: guitar tab, bass tab ".
But after pasting the template it doesn't get straight. Is it suppose to be like that??
Please help me as soon as you can.
Hey you don't copy anything you just merely type it all in e.g. e---------7
and so on.. and if you're doing chords either find the chord names and write them down to the lyrics or put it like I did before e.g e-0-
That'd be an Achord.
Hope that helps? I'm fairly new aswell!!
On the right hand side of the search bar are three little yellow choices, they are as follows:

+ submit your tab - (this is the one you are looking for).

+ submit your review
+ submit your article
Write the tab out in notebook, copy and paste it into the box and then submit it. Before you submit it, please make sure that the tab is to the best of your ability, posting a tab that is "close enough" will serve only to send learners in the wrong direction, and give UG a bad name for incorrect tabs......

Also make sure that the tab you are submitting isnt already in the database.

hey guys what's up? i'm having another problem here. after submitingmy tabs ( already 3 ) I go to my profile and then to " My contributions " to see my tabs. Then how do I know if my tabs were approved or rejected? Can anyone tell me???
I clicked submit tabs and it won't show up in my contributions or anywhere, just in my drafts. Is this right??
If the tab didn't go through then there is either something wrong with the tab description (it is shorter than 5 words, contains characters that aren't allowed, etc), or the tab. Make sure that the tab is long enough and that you haven't crossed the red margin line, look for excess spaces, they can cause problems if they are too close to the line.