Hey UG Community, I am new to the world of guitar and have been playing for about a year. Ive self-taught myself most of what i know. I was wondering, what are some tips / good habits that may had taken you guys a while to discover which i could incorporate into my playing?

Determined to Learn,

learn stuff which is just a bit to hard for you
that way you have a goal and can work towards it and you gradually improve
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Learn about what scales are and all that basic stuff, the more basic it is the more useful it is to you.

Pick a guitarist and pretty much try to learn all their songs. Don't worry if people think you're just ripping them off. If it wasn't for Randy Rhoads my playing would probably be half what it is. Or go the other route and just try to think of ALL your own licks, you'll be more original sounding probably but it'll take you forever.
what you need to aim for is as little tension as possible in your picking arm, wrist and hand. it lessens the risk of injury.

also, if you want to increase speed, don't approach it with the mentality that you want to improve your speed. Approach it with the mentality that you want to improve your accuracy. you want to get it as accurate as possible because speed is a by-product of accuracy.

if you want to improve your playing to the 'shred' level, hang around in the advanced technique forum.

and get a metronome.
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Agree w/the last post about the metronome, get a metronome if its the only thing you decide to do, it'll pay dividends almost instantly.
The only thing I can say is work as much as you can on playing things cleanly. If you can play on beat and w/out sound sloppy then everything is possible.
Something I learned -

When you do a note-based riff that's within the space of four frets, for example The Hell Song by Sum 41, use each finger for each fret - say, the first finger plays the first fret, second for the second, third for the third, fourth for the fourth. If you properly learned to play scales you'll know what I mean.

Don't be tempted to play with only your first three fingers - use the pinky too, as, in the case of The Hell Song, it makes it way easier. I got into the bad habit of omitting the pinky and playing with my first three fingers - not good.

Listen to your favourite solos, and find a bit that you particularly like, then find that in the tab for it. This'll help you to get an idea how the pro's use litte licks/techniques. This is all I did, rather than learning whole songs....
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