ok so im building a pedalboard case. i have the sizes and its build to the extent its an actual box now. what i need help with though is the outside covering. whats good to cover the case with? ive heard that automotive carpet is good does this work well? whats the average price in Australia?

Also what should i use to stick the pedals down with? I was thinking velcro will this be strong enough?

appreciate any help
Velcro is plenty strong enough, you might want to raise the back of the board by a little bit to hide power supplies and cables too!
yeh ive actually raised it to hide the cables. i think i have the board set up quite nice. but the outside i need to cover with something any ideas?
try looking into a roll of carpet, my old board was covered in the sort of thing the floor interior of cars is covered in, just all over the top, that worked.

But now mine is covered in strips of velcro going horizontally with about a 5cm gap inbetween so i can move things around, with velcro going vertically on the pedals for maximum grip!
I'd use the same carpet stuff used to cover some speakers...

The other option is that depending what kind of wood you've used, you could just varnish it for a nice finish

As for fixing, I never felt that secure with velcro since if you move the pedals round 2 or 3 times, it doesn't tend to stick as well. You can buy kits of little "8" shaped washers to screw the pedals on to the board. Personally this was the better option with me as I've also has issues with pedals falling off my board whilst travelling.
any ideas on the price of the carpet? and where abouts i could get it from? i live in aystralia. thanks for the replies.