I purchased a guitar from the company Maverick about a year ago. They have since gone bust, does this mean it will increase or decrease in value.
Its origonal value was about £500 ($900).
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Given the price, it'll probably stay about the same, maybe go down for a little bit but the value will even out over time.
I doubt it will increase (company isn't famous enough), probably just decrease as it gets worn out.
I remember seeing these being sold new on ebay last year. Can't imagine their resale price would be very good.
What the hell were they thinking when they designed this guitar? Especially the tone/volume knobs.
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Them going bust won't make much of a difference, unless it's a very good guitar that a lot of people want and can't buy in the shops anymore. If there are plenty of other just as good options, it will probably depreciate over time as you would expect.