Hey guys. Sorry if a thread like this was made already, but anything in the search bar wasn't exactly what I was looking for.

Anyway, the name says it all. I've just started AP Music Theory, and I was wondering if there were any ways to work on my aural skills on my own time? Techniques, software, anything would help. Thanks in advance.
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Try www.musictheory.net

Look under the trainers... in particular, you will probably find the interval and chord trainers useful.

You might want to limit the intervals/chords you use in the beginning, and expand the selection as you improve. Later, you can add inversions.

Now, intervals and chords on their own are nice, but applying that knowledge to actual music is even better. If you've got a friend in the class, try taking turns quizzing each other. Play simple diatonic melodies, and see if you can figure them out, as well as simple diatonic chord progressions. As you improve, you can make the tests a little more complex, and incorporate harmonic techniques you learn in class.
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In addition to psych's link, I've also got this site, also with fantastic trainers. One helpful thing to do is to transcribe, or at least learn a lot of music by ear.
Alright. I will definitely check out both of those links provided and try out everything else you guys said. Thanks a lot for the help!
When people are free to do as they please
they usually imitate each other