are they a hassle?
Im looking to get a Laney AOR 30 and thats a single channel but i don't want to be using destortion pedals with it and want to get the clean sounds out of it during songs. It would be very difficult during a gig.

Any input? Thanks
Roll down the volume on the guitar.

But to be honest, if you need crystal cleans and brutal distortion within the context of one set, a single channel amp might not be the best.
Two amps and an AB box might be useful. Use a Roland JC-120 for clean, lets just say, then shift over to a heavier amp for distortion duties.
ahh yeah...well im not looking for 'Brutal' distortions as you put it.

The stuff i play is usually more, yngwie malmsteen, joe satch, motley crue etc...

i dont want to be restricted on the clean channel
the volume thing works best when you're driving your output tubes and getting overdrive from the power amp.

If you're using a lot of preamp gain, it becomes harder to clean up and is less manageable in general.
I don't know about the AOR but the GH Series has footswitchable gain thats VERY handy and makes it really easy to go from full on dist to clean.
i am a huge fan of single channel amps. theres something about rolling back the volume to get your cleans that i really love. i dont really play anything high gain though, so for a low to mid-gain style it works well. so with those bands and that amp, i dont know if its the best choice to go from cleans to gain.
Just listen to Gooley and things will work out for you.
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