Hey, In January I decided to stop dreaming about it and actually learn guitar. SO i went and got a decent enough acoustic and started learning.

Ive never had lessons and learned most of what I know on here. I learned a few easy songs to start like Redemption song and Albion and jut continued from there. So im like 8 months in and im fairly pleased with my progress, I can play a whole load of songs, chords are no problem. Im saving up for an electric guitar now.

theres one thing though, where do i go from here? I feel like im some one who can play guitar as apposed to a guitar player. All im really doing is copying other peoples songs. Any tips for things do do except just play tabs? Ive got a friend whos played longer than me and ive near enough caught up with him as all he can do is play Oasis, Verve, songs etc, but its just a hobby for him but i'd like to be able to play in a band one day. Ive suggested to a few of my mates to get together once or twice a week and play, a few of them are better than me so that should help i think. I dont care how much effort is needed cause im pretty serious about learning and play every day near enough. Cheers xx
Definately get together with your mates and jam. It's fun, your playing skill will get better faster and you may even end up coming up with some of your own songs.

On your own though, you could try learning some musical theory (there should be plenty of good beginners theory books you can find). Though it's not essential to making good music, it can make coming up with your own stuff much easier.
^^^ yeah thanks man, ive been thinking about doing that.

I spent today learning scales and 12 bar blues, then moved on to improvising on the scales. Probably pretty basic stuff but its the first time in a couple of weeks that ive really felt like ive improved after a practice session.
group sessions are always nice imo you can learn stuff from other people and shit teach them new shit all round good stuff and yea just keep at it bro best of luck
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