Hey all.

So i am in this band.
We have a very long name.

We are a 5 piece band from Gippsland In Australia.

I sing and play guitar in this band(so please comment on the singing).

The recording we have up now is just a sampler thing i recorded in my lounge room with my drummer.
And later the screamers and bassist added some stuff.
ALL the bass and screams are panned hard left for some ungodly reason.
Maybe cause garageband was being gay?
And it is just the end of the song.

But yeah check us out.
We are going into the studio and the end of this month/the start of next month.

So yeah please crit our song.
More songs soon i hope.



And please try to keep it constructive.

And i would like to hear some comments on how i could improve my singing also.
It would be cool.

And sorry about the not the greatest of quality recording.
Holy shooot...
Serious man... get a new name..

Guitar is nice..
Singing is good 2 except the screaming...
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Yeah dude that IS the new name.
Oh god i know.
It like long and doesnt even have good impact.
But we have to stick with it now cause we have got some attention and good good gigs.

Our name used to be Amber rain.
Both bad names.
But yeah.
I dont think they(screamers) really thought of the names that long.

Cheers for checking us out man.
Yeah both the screamers are practicing the zen of screaming i think.
So hopefully theyll step it up a notch.