I cant find much on this amp, has anyone had experience with it? I tried it today and for £200 I was impressed, very nice cleans and it actually sounded good at a bedroom level. I understand it has EL34s in.

Has anyone tried it? Have Ashton amps got any reliability issues? I was wondering if it could be like a valveking in the sense that a new speaker and valves would really make it sound awesome??

Any info on this amp would be appreciated It sounded good to me in the shop, but i am yet to try other amps such as the Super Champ XD

Never tried, but heard a few good things.
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I've tried the Ashton VP100 head and was impressed also. Great for £299

Sadly there seems to be a real mix of opinions on Ashton stuff so I can't get a reliable definate opinion.
I think a lot of people dont like it regardless of if they've tried it or not coz they think they have to pay £600-£1000 for a decent tube combo/head+cab
"If you want beef, then bring the ruckus." - Marilyn Monroe
thanks for your input

I have read mixed things about Ashton stuff - and some reliability issues. but yeah I do agree there is a degree of snobbery about them being too cheap to sound good. I liked what I heard but you can never really tell! I'd need at least 2 weeks with it before I could form a proper opinion. I suppose if i could buy an extended warranty then it would be worth a risk...
I just found this which impresses me:


I know its the Viper 50, but id assume the build quality would be the same for the 30 - the modder andy dokken reckons he was impressed when he opened up the viper - he knows his stuff. If the 50 is built so well that it impressed this guy (who claims he hasnt seen circuitry like this since opening up an f30) then the VP30 should be similarly impressive.

What do people think to this?

EDIT: for those who cant be bothered clicking:

"This has to be one of the most Under Rated Valve Guitar Amps on the UK Market. The Base Amplifier is an 'Ashton Viper 50'. Designed in Australia and Made in China.

When I got this Amp I was expecting the Usual load of Chinese TAT. Not a Problem for me as I strip Most Amps and Re-Build them to a Better Spec, But this Amp is a Bit Special - I Plugged in my Guitar and 'WOA', it's Brilliant!"

"I pulled the Amp Chassis out to Have a look Inside and was Totally Blown Away - The Build Quality is Just Something Else. The Last time I saw anything like this was in a Mesa-Boogie F30, it's (almost) that Good. Well Thought Out, Well Laid Out, Quality Components, Excellent Transformers, Welded and Powder Coated Steel Chassis. None of the Usual Chinese 'Shortcuts'."
I've often wondered if these ampsare any good....You used to have an LC15, do you think an Ashton would be an upgrade as I always thought Laney make pretty solid amps?

I did notice the VP30 is not on the website, has this model been discontinued?
yeah i couldnt find it on the website, it must have been discontinued.

well i tried it today and much preferred it to the LC15 - despite being 30w it sounded tight and punchy at low volumes when on high gain (as in i was talking to my girlfriend about the amp while playing it without having to raise my voice in the slightest.) I didnt think you could get a 30w valve amp to sound good at that level with lots of gain. I did find it a little dark, which sounded great for rhythms but not as good for solos, perhaps as it wasnt cranked, but it does have an fx loop so an EQ in there could sort that out to give a solo boost. Or maybe just a booster with a tone control.

I thought it was better than the Laney, but having not heard of them i was worried about the reliability, but that ebay listing fills me with confidence. Im going to get up early and trek to newcastle to try out a vibrochamp XD and if it doesnt impress me as much ill buy the ashton on sunday and make some clips!

Maybe a valve and speaker swap on the ashton could make it sound amazing!
Let me know how you get on with the vibro champ, and try a super champ too if you get chance...
cant try a super champ, nowhere near me stocks one. Im assuming that the 16 voicings sound similar on both though right??
i would assume the modelling bit is the same on both amps...

i was a little disappointed to hear that the clean channel on the superchamp is DSP powered but i don't wanna right it off immediately as im running out of options on affordable amps.

This VP sounds good, but like many amps i've looked at i wouldn't get chance to try before i buy...
well whichever amp i get, you can PM me what you are looking for in the amp and ill do a soundclip that trys to answer your questions. If you let me know your styles ill try do a demo that fits around you

I know the feeling not being able to try anything, im having to travel over an hour on the train to try out the vibro champ, and its not even the champ i want!
I have 2 local shop's and they both suck.

Neither have any valve amps, and the best guitar available is a MIM Fender....

I'm not knocking MIM's (I own one myself) but it just shows the selection available is very poor...
yeah its a sad state of affairs when a mim is the best they have! Ill let you know my experiences with the champ when I get back tomorrow. I have owned a Vox AD50VT so i have an idea of modelling. Im hoping the champ is A LOT better than that amp!
yeah i noticed you were selling one of those. Ill be able to let you know whether the champs are noticably different to the valvetronix amps in sound quality, not that the words of one guy on the internet will help much....

It will have to be a great amp mind, cos i cant stop thinking about that ashton. I reckon with an EQ in the loop it would be awesome. whats a good reasonably priced eq pedal?
I would value your opinion...many reviews on the t'internet are from new owners of equipment and naturally they only want to talk about the good bits so are often very bias.

For EQ's the danelectro fish'n'chips is great for the price (less than £30 new).

Not practical if you gig as it's plastic, but if like me you are strictly a bedroom player it is just fine.
cheers for the eq info

Well im strictly a bedroom player at the moment, but i like the idea of the viper 30s power being able to cope with gigs incase i get into a band at uni. It sounds like we are looking for the same thing out of an amp, so i should be abe to help a little. What kind of stuff do you play? Im trying the champ out tomorrow so ill be able to let you know what that is like for your genres
I play a bit of reggae, punk, indie and metal....

I know I can't afford an amp that's versatile enough to cover all that and do it well so what I'm really looking for is an amp with great cleans that dirties up nicely, and also sounds good at low volumes.

I'll then use a dist pedal to get metal tones. So far this week I've spend £230 on distortion pedals. I'm hoping my Dist-X will show up today, and prey they hurry up and refund me for the Tech21 I've returned as i'm now pretty skint!

EDIT: Postman just arrived...No pedal. Guess it wont be here till next week now
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sucks about the pedal

I just got back from newcastle, worst decision I made was going there! Im soaking wet and 3 hours later that planned because of the trains!

I tried the Super Champ XD and really wasnt fussed on it. The cleans were great, but I knew they would be, but the heavier amp voices lacked any character. I did like how turning the bass up made it beefy rather than muddy, but the heavy voices still sounded weak and harsh to me, no matter how much EQing you did.

The clean channel was fantastic, sounded really great but overall it was just a jack of all trades, master of none. For your style however, it could definately work. If you are using pedals for metal then you should find the champ great. Voice 3 or 6 should be really good for punk, and the cleans should do the rest for you. IMO they are better than Valvetronix amps, which to me are sterile and muddy (or at least the 50w one I owned was) but it wasnt enough of an improvement on the higher gain voicings.

I also tried a VC15 which was much better. The cleans were very nice (although I think the fender won in that department - you dont need valves for a good clean tone!) the drive sounded great and although it wasnt very high gain, it was enough for my tastes. I just couldnt push it hard enough to get a smooth lead tone, it was very brittle. Although I was tempted to take the guys offer of putting a deposit down on it and coming back for it at the end of the day, after my reggae reggae sub from subway something in me decided the Ashton was nicer. It was thicker, creamier and not as harsh sounding. Ill be purchasing it tomorrow and recording some clips

I also have new strat pickups from rock monkey guitars (run by CorduroyEW on UG) so i am going to record my strat as it is, and change the pickups and play the same thing with the same settings to give a comparison and review of the new pickups!
Thanks for the review..

I think I had already decided I didn't really want the fender. I wanna go all tube so currently the Ashton is high on my list and I'm also looking at the Sound City amps.

Funny you should mention p'pus...I'm sat looking at a Rockmonkey pickup right now, a super hot neobucker I got months ago but never got round to installing.

I am planning to get it installed real soon.

Whilst my local shop may lack in choice they do good deals on guitar setups:

£15 to install new bone nut (or maybe a fender roller nut), plus another £25 for full set up on my Fender Tele. I'm gonna have him install the Neobucker in my Jackson too.
sounds nice. I got 2 62 smooth grooves for the neck and middle and a CEW for the bridge. Cant wait to try them!!

I tried a Soundcity SC20 yesterday and didnt like it. Doesnt sound good at low volumes at all. The SC40 with master volume sounded good though, but far too expensive when compared to the Ashton which sounded better than it at half the price.

Good price on the setup! I'm just gunna dig my soldering iron out and try it myself... so there might be a demo up tomorrow....
nope, not interested in it as it is more american voiced. sorry. i have heard its good though
It's the SC30 I'm more interested in...I've also heard it's nice but never actually heard it. I would plan on sticking a nice speaker in there as most stock speakers are pants on cheaper amps...
the sc30 and the viper will sound totally different - the viper 30 sounded marshally to me, quite british sounding
yup. got it back and there was a fault with it. could wait for it to be fixed so i got a refund
perhaps so - the guy in the shop said it is probably the valves and as it has been on the shop floor for 6 months any idiot could have knackered them by not letting them warm up before playing or something