Hey thar, I have a couple of nifty items available for y'all to peruse:

First, an Ashdown Fallen Angel 60watt All-tube guitar (6-string) amp head and straight 4x12 cab. As I say, no longer produced by Ashdown (they split their 6-string amp division off into a separate company, Hayden, and didn't keep this on their books). Its a fairly high-gain amp, with a bunch of built in DSP effects (flange, phase, delay, reverb), tone ranges from a rather nice clean (no fender, but better than you'll get out of any mesa or other high gain amp), to a fairly hefty mesa-esque distortion (not quite as 'metal', but more than good enough for most styles of music). Comes with acoustically matched 4x12 cab fitted with celestion drivers. I'm thinking offers from £350 downwards will be considered.

Secondly, a rather pleasant little Dean EVO XM, les-paul-esque in form, reasonably good guitar, really fast neck. Bolt-on, basswood body, no damage at all, barely played. £50-70.

I shall edit in some piccys when I can!
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