my mate told me the other day that i could get some strings that where for example 10 - 46 but they where thicker at the base of the string where it sits on the bridge, this is supposed to help prevent string breakage at the bridge.

is this true?
and if so where can i get any and does anyone know what they are called?

I've never heard of any such thing.
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He isn't talking about heavy bottoms...

I have never heard of such a thing either.
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ernie ball thick bottoms or skinny tops something like that

No - those are the string gauges. They are heavier gauges E-D and lighter gauges G-E, almost as if someone mixed two different packs of strings together.

TS: I have never heard of such a thing.
I know better.

I want a string which is 46 at the nut and saddle but 200 in between them so i can tune down to drop Z or something.

For the mentally challenged ones in the topic: TS talks about a string which thickness is variable. So it hasnt got the same thickness during its lenght.
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I know better.

I want a string which is 46 at the nut and saddle but 200 in between them so i can tune down to drop Z or something.

Z isn't on the scale. Nice try at a joke though.

Just so this post isn't complete spam. I also have never heard of this... I think it would actually ruin the characteristics of the string to have an uneven thickness.
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ok guys, i had a funny feeling that it wasnt true.

thanks anyway

Well, there's the Ernie Ball acoustic strings which have a THICKER titanium coating at the bridge to stop breakage.

So it is true, somewhat.
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One old trick was to melt solder over the bottom of the string and thereby reinforce it.

Or, you could get a set of graphtech saddles, I just stuck some on my les paul. Not only do they lessen the tension over the saddle, but they improve sustain to no end, too.

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