I'm getting some new stuff and I need advice on the amp.

Currently have a squier strat and will probably get any epi lp or something.

So, I'm trying to decide between the valveking 112 and crate V something (18, 33, whatever). This is mostly for bedroom play so I would like something that sounds reasonable at low volumes. The crate is dirt cheap but the reviews are mixed. Valveking is the same ol that people seem to love on this forum. I currently have about $600 budgeted for this but I'm also interested in getting some pedals (or a digitech multipedal) so I don't want to spend all of it on the amp.

I mostly like rock tones like van halen, gnr, metallica, etc. I guess another option is to go for a modeling amp like a peavey vypyr or roland cube but I wanted to know whether going for a tube amp would serve better.
Crate V! Just overall sounding 'better'. Much better quality amp.

If you were to get a few pedals I'd recommend simply an EQ and overdrive.
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Before I bought my Traynor YCV 50 Blue I did a ton of research and 9 out of 10 times it was recommended over both of the amps you are considering so you might want to add it to the list of possibilities. It is an awesome amp by the way and was worth every penny I spent on it.
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Only get the Crate if you're gonna get the V18. The V33 went back up to $450 on MusiciansFriend. Which makes me think that the V18 might go back up soon as well...
personally, i would go with the VK because the crate seemed a bit too warmish for my taste. plus, the VK tends to do better modern tones IMO. check them both out, though. they really are two completely different amps. out of the two, i chose the VK, and it's (slowly) on its way to my house
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If you get a VK.... just remember that you'll end up modding it. Or at least swapping out the speaker. Because that stock speaker is HORR.... I.... BAL!!!!

I think MikeT kinda nailed it. Would you consider buying used? Depending on where you live, city or boonies, you can find some great gear for less than a new VK. Nothing wrong with the VK or the Crate, but $300-$350 gets you a Classic 30 or Delta Blues. $400-$450 gets you a YCV50 or YCV40. Plus if you decide to sell it later, you will re-coup most of your investment. Craigslist by you?
hey, thanks a lot for the replies. it really means a lot to me because I was getting kinda lost with all the info.

I was a little wary of buying used cause of stuff like what if they played it too loud and blew something. I'm not very experienced so I can't tell if something is wrong with the amp. But I guess I would be open to used if it's a reputable seller. I checked out the traynor and liked the sound, but it's kinda hard to find a used ycv50 (none on craigslist near me). I'm also looking into the classic 30, seems like a solid amp. Any more advice, please post. thanks.