Hi guys. I have playing electric guitar (squier) for 3.5 months now. I am looking to get an acoustic to be able to play around the house without dragging the amp with me, and just something "different". I know acoustic guitars have a wider neck, I think it would provide a good learning tool. Most sites I have looked around recommend the Seagull S6 Original around this price point. A local music shop has this for $375cad, but out of stock right now.

Essentially am looking to have a 2nd guitar for something "different" and like I said easier to drag around the house.

Any recommendation/advice is welcome.

If it helps out at all, the type of music I like to listen to is Queen, Pink Floyd, 80s rock. At the moment, I am not focusing much on learning individual songs, focusing mroe on doing scales and chords, and the few songs I have done I try to relate the parts to the chords and scales I know so that I have a bit better understanding than simply playing the notes on a tab.

P.S. I am also putting some money aside for a better amp and electric guitar for the future. Fender american strat with 3 tone sunburst, mmm delicious
for just a bit more (i think like 25-50 bucks more) than 500 i'd go for the epiphone masterbily series. And epiphone has a john lennon signature acoustic-electric model that sounds gr8 plugged in or not, i thinks its 500 bucks 2
the masterbilt series is really good, I love mine!
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ive played a seagull and love them, only thing that sux about them is canada really though try washburn, best bang for the buck on the market
i have a great epi ej200ce for sale
Epiphone EJ200CE For Sale/Trade
Boss GT-8 For Sale
Wanted (based on sales)
Acoustic/Electric. Standard body w. cutaway.
PM me any offers
After some consideration and thinking, I have decided to not buy an acoustic for now and will just save my money to buy a good amp. My current amp has problems and I had to take it in today to the music shop I bought it from and now I'm stuck for 3 weeks without a decent amp (i do have another one, but it's literally a piece of junk).

So I'm going to save up some money and find a good tube amp for myself. Thank you very much for your comments and recommendations guys. I will bookmark this thread, maybe someday I will decide to buy an acoustic again, but not at the moment.