I'm looking for a SD Jazz neck pickup in the UK.

Pedals I have to trade are;

Electro Harmonix Metal Muff
Boss GE - 7 Graphic Equalizer
Zoom 505II Multieffect pedal

Would include a power supply with pedal.

Or give me a price.

Hi there,
How much are you willing to spend?
I can get multi-coloured ones as well btw
Call me Duncan.

Nearly always have D'addario EXL110 strings instock - just ask!

Custom made guitar slides available - choose the glass, length etc.. Engraving availible. PM or email for more info.


Welsh UG'er!!
Depends how much it is and I can try and scrape it together

I'm only going to bother if its less and £55 inc postage as I can get that on the bay.