hey. whats the difference between an epi les paul plaintop and an epi les paul plustop? does one sounds better than the other?. ive looked on pictures and the honeyburst on theplustop seems to be darker than the honeyburst plaintop les paul. dont have a clue if this is right tho
All it is, is the Plus top has a layer of paper in between the wood and finish. Its not actually a real flame top. I had this same decision a few months ago and thats what the store owner explained to me.
The Plus top has a 1/32" layer of flame maple veneer on the top. They both should sound the same.
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Pretty much what has been said. I've noticed no difference in tone between them. But the Plus-top looks awesome
They just raised the freaking prices. Here are some prices on Musician's Friend:

LP Standard Plus Top - 649.99$
LP Standard Plain Top - 549.99$
Les Paul Custom - 799.99$
Les Paul Prophecy - 849.99$
Zakk Wylde LP - 849.99$

It's retarded. I guess it's better to save up for a Gibson.