Alright, so i'm gonna get the Blackheart Little Giant. and i know which one to buy

*5W Head + Cab
*5W Combo

This would cost me about 250€(Combo) 300€(Head+Cab), and i could get a Shure SM-57 to mic it (about 60&euro for gigging.

OR i could get

*15W Head + Cab (400&euro
*15 Combo (330&euro

Would i loud enough to gig with? I don't really think so

So which one is the best. I think the 5W combo(i hope so. So i can get a VOX Wah to (h)). But i really need some input from you guys!!

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If gigging, get the 15W.

If you're going to buy the head, but a cab with GREAT speakers - not the stock one, unless the stock one has good speakers too. If too expensive, get the combo.
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id say get the head and get a different cab. i like the 5w head i have, and pairing it with a good speaker or two is probably the way to go. havent tried the 15w version so i dont know how it compares, but i kinda think that you wont get the full character of the amp with the stock speaker.
they both handle pedals very well so i've heard. Personally I would love to have a handsome devil for bedroom practice, or the little giant for that matter.

If you have the money I would probably go with the handsome devile. Sounds great, and more versatile with a controllable gain knob. You could probably do some small gigs with it, but micing it wouldn't hurt either
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Sorry to rape your thread,
but can someone quickly answer how much
the 5w combo would be in canadian?
sorry, and thanks