Right, I heard these guys recently and thought they were properly good. Anyone else think the same? Or know where they're from?
If you haven't heard em, check out their album.
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Seen them 3 timessssssss, wonderful wonderful band.
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Ive seen them twice I tabbed a few of there songs on here, they're f*cking awesome! I met the drummer outside one of their gigs, (I was 17 at the time) and he gave me his phone number to that if I didnt get in (18+ gig) I could text him and he'd sneak me in.. What a hero! And Laura Mary (Guitarist) is friggin' hoooooot!
I heard about them a while ago and saw them earlier this year (I wear the t shirt all the time). They put on a pretty good show, hopefully they'll tour again soon..
never saw them live (i'm colombian), despite that i have their "Box of Secrets" and their "I'll be Your Eyes". Totally awsome band, i have "Try Harder" on my profile's tracklist. Has Laura-Marie ever played her "Springtime" live?
I like this band.
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saw them at reading they werent that bad from what i remember. maybe it was just the right time and place.
Have been into them for quite a while now, and finally got to see them at Reading Fantastic.

The drummer gets so into it, the energy was just great Oh and laura =
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there awesome. my friend says there the poor mans white stripes though.